the bit no-one likes talking about



I don't believe in simple "package" prices because I don't offer simple "package" solutions - each client is unique and each job is different.  A cookie-cutter approach is fine if you're selling cookies, but I'm not.

That's why I'd rather come out and have a chat with you about your requirements and then put together a proposal, all free of charge, before we start to talk about pounds and pence.

Once we've agreed what needs to be done, we can agree a pricing model that suits us both - sometimes it can be a simple hourly or daily rate, sometimes a monthly retainer is the most convenient way, while some larger projects would have payments staged against deliverables.  Sometimes I might just be happy to swap some of my knowledge and experience for some of yours.

The only things I can say for sure are that my low overheads mean I can always be competitive, that you'll never be landed with a massive bill that you didn't expect, and that I'll never try to squeeze every last pound out of you - I'd much rather make a little bit of money twice.